baby: d-d-d..
dad: daddy? are you trying to say daddy?
baby: D I C K S Q U A D

just sayin if you follow this blog I post 100% of the time over at and have long since abandoned this one. RIP

Smash Bros

I was at a friend’s house for a birthday party, and we decided to thug it out with some Smash Bros on the N64. Hilarity ensued, but there were many gems among the dialogue, all from one dude named Samir:

"I will smack up this Goldeen. You don’t know me."

"Come at me son. You get da HAMMERS."

After singing the Jigglypuff song to me in an attempt to increase its effectiveness in-game, he actually managed to land it on a friend and I at the same time: “Oh SHOOT, I put these niggas to sleep.”

As you may or may not know, Mario gets dat paper after landing his B-Up. Samir interpreted this as “Getting some of dat 1%”.

"DK is a real nigga."

While spamming Fox’s laser: “BUSTIN SHOTS AT NYC COPS”

And he finally ended the night by winning with Mario and proclaiming that he was “going to give me the plumbing” while staring into my eyes.

fuck yeah smash bros